About Us

What Is Fit & Fresh?

Fit & Fresh is a meal prep service that caters to those who wish to lose weight, maintain weight, or choose to make healthier decisions on a daily basis.

Every week, Fit & Fresh releases a new menu. On that menu, you can find the menu for the week which includes the items served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Learn more about our easy process below.

How We Began

Fit & Fresh began as a personal journey. Our owner, Terrence, gained 70 pounds and found himself in a low place. Full of low self-esteem, depression, and lack of confidence, Terrence one day decided to start researching diet foods.

What started as a personal success story quickly became something he had to share with the community around him. When researching, he realized the lack of healthy, tasteful, affordable meal options for people in his community. A local church member asked him to meal prep for a non-profit football team, and after a year of being faithful to that, everything else fell into place.

Fit and Fresh came into fruition and the rest is history.

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