Frequently Asked Questions
What are your portion sizes?

Each meal contains 4 oz of cooked protein, 3 oz of starch, and 3 oz of vegetables. We do have larger portioned meals these are marked as (Extra protein– 6oz) and contain 6oz of cooked protein, 3 oz starch and 3 oz vegetables.

What are the heating instructions?

Each meal will contain heating instructions on the label.

Will Fit and Fresh Meals help me lose weight?

We structure our menu with a health-conscious mindset. We avoid the overuse of butter, heavy cream, mayonnaise, and other unsaturated fats and focus on providing perfectly portioned and well-balanced meals. Many see results simply due to the portion control our meals provide.

What is the delivery fee?

$10- $15 Depends on the mileage.

How is Fit and Fresh Meals handling Covid-19?

Even before the pandemic, our kitchen gets a full top-to-bottom deep cleaning after every single production day. Our Servsafe certified kitchen staff has observed CDC-recommended mask and glove protocols. . Work stations have been altered to promote safe distance between staff members.

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